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Years of research and scientific design have gone into producing the most advanced automatic male masturbation toy at a price that most guys can afford. $150 to have your dick sucked off in the most pleasurable way possible, as often as you want? Give your penis the treat of its life and invest in the Autoblow 2 - the most realistic blowjob machine for men ever invented!

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The following are the editors' personal picks of the best male masturbation devices :

Cobra Libre Masturbation Device - A male vibrator that does things to your penis that no female on earth can - in our opinion the best masturbation toy for men in the world.

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The Autoblow Robotic Blowjob Device - Better than masturbation and as good as a blowjob, this beautiful robotic blowjob machine will suck your cock dry as many times as you can handle.

Tenga Flip Hole - Hailed by many as the 'Fleshlight Killer' the Tenga Flip Hole is certainly male masturbation at its most luxurious. Another superb male masturbation device you won't be dissapointed with if you buy.

Fleshlight Masturbation Girl Vaginas - Pocket pussies modelled on the real life tight teenage vaginas of famous porn actresses such as Kat Young and Lia 19.

RealTouch Virtual Reality Sex Machine - The world's first virtual sex device allows you to experience the sensations of the porn actor you are watching as he fucks the actress, recieves a blowjob, has anal sex etc!

blowjob-masturbatorBlowjob Masturbator ($89)

A blowjob masturbation device with 6 different motions of 'sucking' delivered by three tiers of soft beads that exert pressure as they glide up and down your penis, creating the impression of a delicious blowjob.

The easy to clean canal is also layered with nubs for a 'better than the real thing' oral sex experience.

spider-masturbatorSpider Male Masturbator ($129)

This realistic male masturbator has obviously been modelled upon the successful Fleshlight range.  It both looks and feels like a Fleshlight, although I found it a tad more softer, which I liked.  Its big selling point, though, is the suction cup base which allows you to attach the toy to any flat surface, providing for a hands free masturbation experience!

autoblow-blastThe Autoblow Blast is the most famous blowjob machine in the world.  Resembling a Fleshlight vagina, the Autoblow does something that no Fleshlight has ever done - suck your cock!

That's right - the Autoblow is a fully automatic blowjob machine that sucks you off whenever you want.  A one time investment of little more than $100 will give you your very own cock sucking machine.  You should be able to get hundreds of declicious blowjobs from the lips of this sweet little sucker.  Some customers have reported that this actually feels better than a real blowjob.

The Autoblow Blast should fit snugly around the cock of most men, but the sex toy also comes in two other sizes for unusually sized men - the Autoblow Max for larger men, and the Autoblow Pico for men with smaller penises than the average male.

carmen-doggy-styleCarmen Vibrating Pussy & Ass Toy ($229)

Incredibly realistic pussy and ass toy moulded direct from the sexy parts of pornstar Carmen Luvana, and positioned to be fucked hard in the doggy style.

Tight, ribbed pussy and anal canals can be vibrated with the insertable bullet vibe that comes with the toy for that better than real experience.

This will certainly be the closest any ordinary guy will get to riding a real pornstar doggy style.  An amazing sex toy, even at this price.

pipedream vibro suckPipedream Extreme Vibro Sucker ($31)

A cheap and cheerful blowjob imitation toy from Pipedram.  This compact masturbation device is both a blowjob toy and a male vibrator in one.  It is also compact and easy to clean.

To get the sucking sensation just squeeze the bulbous shaped masturbation sleeve.  The controller is there to activate the bullet vibrator attached to the sleeve to give your penis an extra buzz that even a girl's mouth couldn't match!

extreme overdriveExtreme Overdrive Pump ($70)

A male masturbation device with enticing pussy lips that will automatically pump your cock, making it both a penis enlargement tool and a delicious male masturbator in its own right.

The toy comes with four stretchy cock rings.  This is both a masturbator and an extremely advanced penis pump that will provide instant massive erections and possible long term gains in penis size and also performance.

Cobra LibreThe Cobra Libre Male Masturbation Device takes both its name, and its design, from the famously sleek and stylish racing car.  And despite its portable size, the Cobra toy packs an incredible amount of power.  You can go from 0-100 in a couple of seconds with this thing.  Slide your penis in and use a combination of variable settings and fingertip manipulation of the surface.  The Cobra will vibrate and tease your penis head in ways that no other male masturbation toy has ever done.  There is finally a vibrator for men.

Click for more on the Cobra Libre Device

The Mastomatic 2, also known as the 'lazy masturbator', is a realistic artificial pocket pussy device whose masturbation sleeve interior slides up and down your penis via a variable speed control.

The sensation created is uniquely pleasurable and is ideal for the passive masturbator - somebody who seeks to emulate the feel of a blowjob, a handjob, or a tight pussy gliding up and down your pole while you lie back and enjoy it.

The Mastomatic 2 sells for $119.95

Penis pumps are devices that increase the size of an erection through use of vacuum pressure.  Most men buy them specifically for this reason, often using them immediately before sex with a partner, or as part of a long-term 'training program' to increase the size of the penis even when flaccid.  Penis pumps can also be helpful in increasing sexual stamina and potency.

Many penis pumps can also be used as stand alone male masturbation devices.  The sensation created by the vacuum is often intensely pleasurable and after a few minutes of 'pumping' most men will ejaculate.

If you're a looking for a penis pump that also serves as a fantastic masturbation toy, then I would recommend the Passion Pump.  Not only will you achieve bigger erections more quickly, with long term regular use the Passion Pump can permanently increase your penis size by up to 5cm.  But aside from those obvious advantages, the pump also serves as an excellent device for prolonged and uniquely pleasurable masturbation sessions.

You can buy the Passion Pump masturbation device for just $59.95