Best Male Masturbation Devices

The following are the editors' personal picks of the best male masturbation devices :

Cobra Libre Masturbation Device - A male vibrator that does things to your penis that no female on earth can - in our opinion the best masturbation toy for men in the world.

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The Autoblow Robotic Blowjob Device - Better than masturbation and as good as a blowjob, this beautiful robotic blowjob machine will suck your cock dry as many times as you can handle.

Tenga Flip Hole - Hailed by many as the 'Fleshlight Killer' the Tenga Flip Hole is certainly male masturbation at its most luxurious. Another superb male masturbation device you won't be dissapointed with if you buy.

Fleshlight Masturbation Girl Vaginas - Pocket pussies modelled on the real life tight teenage vaginas of famous porn actresses such as Kat Young and Lia 19.

RealTouch Virtual Reality Sex Machine - The world's first virtual sex device allows you to experience the sensations of the porn actor you are watching as he fucks the actress, recieves a blowjob, has anal sex etc!